The Rye

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Brief feature description

A little hole on the River Rye in County Kildare/Dublin. A great park and play spot thats quite forgiving. Great spot for those learning to cartwheel, helix or splitwheel. Only two very small eddies either side of the feature so a reliable and quick roll is needed.


As you're driving along Leixlip Main St. heading away from Dublin, take a right up Captain's Hill. Drive up Captain's Hill for around 500m and then take the left before the small red bricked church. Follow this lane down until you come to a bridge. Park anywhere around this area.


As you cross the bridge, on your left will be the feature and on your right a park. Turn into the park and follow the path until you find a suitable place to get on.

The get off is not so clear. As the Rye only really works in flood, there are few eddies. One option is to get off at the grass under the bridge and climb up or paddle downstream until you see a little eddy to get out at. If you take the later, don't all barrel down the river as at least one of you will miss an eddy. The banks of the river are quite steep downstream of the feature.

Required Conditions

Rain, and lots of it. The Rye will most likely be up after lots of rain in the East and when Sluice and Palmerstown are washed out. There is a guage downstream of the bridge on river left. 1.3 metres and above and you're good to go.

More Info & Tips

As there are so few eddys, huge groups of paddlers just isn't feasible. River right of the feature is shallow at lower levels. The centre of the hole is where to throw your moves.

Video here [1]