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Brief feature description

This is a great "Park&Play" spot situated on the river liffey. Perfect for the beginners that want to improve there roll as you will have a good few beatdowns or the advanced wanting to improve you skills. The feature is about 10 feet wide.

The feature changes depending on the releases from leixlip dam. It works from two and a half megs plus ranging from a wave/hole to a nice wave with two good shoulders. At perfect levels almost every trick can be thrown here including hole moves such as mcnasty and phonix monkey.


It is located across from the Anglers Rest Pub at palmerstown weir at the WWKC in the strawberry beds.

Parmo map.jpg

Point A - The wave itself

Point B - The Get on at the WWKC clubhouse

Point C - The Anglers Rest car park


Put on from the wwkc clubhouse and drop down the v on the weir and theres is two nice and big eddies either side of the wave although you can only get onto the wave at most levels from surfers left.

The Get off is fairly straight forward.You get out of your boat and walk up the stairs beside the sluice gate then just paddle back across to the WWKC clubhouse.

Required Conditions/Levels

The wave will work anything from 2 and a half megs off water plus, but the sweet spot seems to be about 4-4.

The releases can be found here:RELEASES WEBSITE

More Info & Tips

Surfers left shoulder tends to be the easier one to set up on depending on the levels.

Here is a short Video made by Conor Macken of the SluiceCrew