Meat Factory Hole - Inny

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Meat hole.jpg

Brief Feature Description Wave/hole that works in high water. All wave and hole moves go here in the right conditions but feature can be shallow and is drop on only.The further surfers left you go more retentive and shallow. The further surfers right you go more wave like and flushy.

Location Situated in Ballymahon, co.Longford. Take the first left after the bridge and drive untill you see a nursing home on your right. Park up and walk through the white gates of the housing estate nearby and you'll reach the river.

Access By foot no issues

Required Conditions Inny needs to be in flood. If your on the bridge in town and Waves are visible downstream you should be good to go.

Further Info and Tips It's easiest to walk back up for another ride on the river left bank. Take care of the overhanging trees downriver. Be wary of electric fences when walking back up.