Malahide Arches

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Brief Feature Description

The feature at the Malahide Arches is a shallow hole which works after the high tide. It's a good spot for beginners as it is safe backed up by plenty of flatwater behind it and good eddy service. Not great for more advanced freesylers as it is too shallow for most moves. (cartwheels, loops and macnastys may be just manageable after a big tide.)


It is located under the railway bridge over the Malahide Estuary.


Coming into Malahide from Dublin/M1 take the first left after the train station and then the next left again which brings you by the estuary. Park up and hop on here. The bridge is about 2-3 minute paddle away. The feature forms under the newest looking arch.

Required Conditions

The hole works after all high tides. it starts working about an hour after high tide and works until a few hours after high tide. The higher the tide the better it will be. Its best anything higher than a 4.1 tide(this is when it becomes deep enough to loop.)