Lucan Sluice- Liffey

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Brief Feature Description

Sluice is a spot on the river liffey In Dublin. Depending on the flows on the river it can go from a slightly retentive Hole/wave to a wave. There is lots of fun to be had here and Most moves are possible in this feature.It is great for beginners as there are many eddys on both the right and left hand side of it.


It is located two minutes from lucan village were the river liffey flows through the Lucan Demense Park.


The land around the feature is a public park so there should never be any access issues here, but if you are you are using the car-park I would strongly recommend parking at the McDonalds end were there is a steady flow of people as there have been quite a few cars broken into here over the years.

Required Conditions

This feature works anything from a 2 Meg flow (16 cumec) as a hole up to a 4 Meg (32 cumecs)flow as a wave. This information can be found on Liffey releases website It is usually quite accurate but can be off from time to time.

Here is a short video shot at sluice thanks to the Sluice Crew