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Brief feature description

I’m sure most paddlers have heard of the river Nore which flows through Kilkenny City but I’d be fairly certain only a small few are aware of the little gem of a play spot that was created some years ago during the flood relief scheme. To be clear this is no Curragower / Sluice / Clifden or Tuam but it is in my estimation one of the best places I’ve been to to introduce people to the the basics of freestyle kayaking. The weir itself is a large downstream U shape which creates 3 different features which work at varying river levels. One of the great things is it works when the whole country has almost turned into a dessert right the way through to where its almost washed out.


Greens Bridge Weir


You can park and play at the spot or you can take it in as part of a river trip on the Nore itself, there is a nice deep pool above the weir to hone your flat water skills and pools below the weir to collect any possible swimmers.

More Info & Tips

A location like this is never going to excite the next world champion but it’s being visited by a few folks who can more than hold their own at competitions and every one has had a great time here. The moves list that can be done here is not huge but for the beginner and improver you shall be kept busy, we have had spins every which way,Blasts, shuvits, low angle ends, variations of felixs & pistol flip (watch your elbows be warned :) )

Sadly it isn’t not deep enough to loop but I suspect at higher levels some one lighter than my good self might be able to eak out a loop in the centre hole.


Three Features, One Location, Clean Water

Good Times!

'the text above is just a copy and paste from a blog post, there is more photos and video there. But add and edit at will [1]


<googlemap version="0.9" lat="52.659986" lon="-7.254667" type="map" zoom="15"> 52.661459, -7.255209 Green's Bridge weir </googlemap>