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Riverspy Rev2:

Daily Email: At a pre-configured time each day, a SMS is generated which has the previous 24 hours river levels. This SMS is sent via an Email gateway and updates graphs on www.irishwhitewater.com

Trigger level: This level is configurable via SMS. When the river reaches this level a trigger SMS is sent to the www.irishwhitewater.com website wheich updates the graph up to the time the trigger level SMS was generated at. This trigger level will only occur once per day between the startup time and 8pm

Beeps: When an unknown number rings the gauge number the guage answers with a number of beeps. The number of beeps reflects the height of the river at that time. By default there is one beep per 10cm. So if the river was at 70cm then you would here 7 beeps. For rivers that don't have much of a height difference between low and high flows then this beep value can be changed via SMS to beep every 5cm for for 70cm you would hear 14 beeps.

Admin SMS: For admin purposes there is an Admin list. If you call the guage and your phone number is found in the admin list then the gauge will hang up and it will send you an SMS. Contained in this SMS is the level at that time along with the level half hour ago and an hour ago. This SMS also contains the battery voltage.

Calibration: There are a number of commands which can be sent via SMS to the gauge to calibrate it. This is ideal if you wish to synchronise the gauge with an exisiting stick gauge.