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Brief feature description

Sheestown is a pretty rare feature but when it comes up it really worth the journey. Its a really good feature and looks pretty much the same as the second hole in Notthingham


It is located about a mile and half from Bennetsbridge heading towards Kilkenny city.

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="52.614332" lon="-7.185391" zoom="17"> 52.613427, -7.185655 </googlemap>


Watch out for a small lane called Tiniri lane. Once you travel past the houses on the left you will come to a large farm house entrance do not enter it as the entrance is the gate directly beside it dont park in the entrance of the house or open the gate its on private property.

Required Conditions

It will only work at extremely high levels when the banks of the nore are bursting at the seems.

More Info & Tips

The feature has good eddy access on surfers right .The hole itself is pretty retentive any freestyle move possible. There is also a secondary hole beside it but we didnt get a chance last season to catch it due to a tree. its pretty safe and deep. No pictures or footage yet!